About this site

Impact By Essentia

This whole site in essence is a shop front for Essentia Whips and Essentia Floggers, how this came about you can read in the blog section if you so choose. Here in you will find many designs of quirt, whip, flogger, cane, paddle and strap, often the build patterns used are traditional but then with the Essentia twist born from much experimentation over many years culminating in some unique and innovative designs often now copied by others.

The emphasis here at Essentia is always based on quality over price, only first grade veg tanned kangaroo hide is used, and thats from the core through, we don’t buy 2nd and 3rd grade hide to use as bolsters and belly plaits, your whip, quirt, cat is 1st grade from the middle out, this is exactly the same for the Kip range, only 1st grade veg tanned English kip is used, we never use cheap tooling leather and pass it off as kip. This follows through to all the straps and indeed the wood used in flogger handles and paddles, only the best available.

You can buy from us at the various markets we will be trading at and if you can’t get to one of those to see us then we will stock the “Off The Shelf” page on a regular basis with a little of everything, you will also find there items that haven’t made the pages of the web site, one off’s and the like, just click on the shop button above to find the “Off The Shelf” page, hopefully we will have something of interest to you, no more months of waiting to get a whip will we hope be a relief for many.